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Occupational therapy helps children better participate in their daily "occupation" of being a kid!

What does that include? 

That includes age appropriate motor and developmental skills for:

-play (i.e. puzzles, blocks) 

               -self-help (i.e. self-feeding/dressing) 

-school (i.e. handwriting). 

Not sure what to expect for your child's development? Click here for a developmental checklist.

Occupational Therapy


Building Skills Occupational Therapy  provides client centered pediatric occupational therapy in office/and or the school setting. We focus on functional outcomes using a developmental approach with evidenced based treatments.

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

To complete an Occupational Therapy evaluation, the therapist meets with both the family and the child to get to know them and to learn more about the concerns and outcomes the family is hoping for. From the evaluation the therapist and family can decide together what is most important to the family and develop a customized plan to meet the child's and family's goals. The evaluation includes a comprehensive look at the whole child, the child's needs and strengths. Testing may include standardized tests and/or functional/developmental checklist to gather information on the child's level of functioning.

 60 minutes in office/15 minute phone consultation to review  report/recommendations



We also offer consultation services to parents and caregivers who are looking for more education and training on specialty areas of Occupational Therapy.  Consultations do not involve direct hands on therapeutic techniques, but rather teach parents and caregivers the techniques and strategies to help their child succeed and participate in their day to day routines and occupations of play and early learning.  Just as with traditional occupational therapy treatment a full evaluation is required prior to consultations in order to tailor recommendations and education to the individual needs of your child.

       45 minutes


Occupational Therapy Treatment

Occupational therapy treatment is always individualized based on each child and family’s individual needs and preferences.  We work with each child and family individually to develop a tailor-made treatment plan that will best meet your child’s needs while also working for your family’s schedule and/or financial means.  Therapy sessions can occur on a routine basis 1-2 times per week or a more flexible schedule can also be establish along with a home program of routines to develop skills outside of the clinic.

 30 minutes  $65

60 minutes $100

***Prices effective 8/1/2023

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