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What is the difference between handwriting and Occupational Therapy services?

Handwriting remediation services are for children who are struggling with letter formation and general writing skills. The focus is only on the handwriting piece and does not address underlying issues. Handwriting remediation is designed to be a short-term intervention. Occupational therapy service are more long-term. Children who would benefit from Occupational Therapy services might make slower progress due to challenge with fine/visual motor and other developmental challenges. The therapist can discuss your child's needs and decide which type of service would best meet their needs.

What payment does Building Skills OT accept?

Building Skills OT accepts cash, check, credit card and HSA/FSA cards. Building Skills Occupational Therapy is also a Family Empowerment Scholarship provider (formally know as the Gardiner Scholarship). Payment is due at time of service.

Do you take insurance?

Building Skills OT does not bill commercial insurance. This is for several reasons. It helps allow Building Skills to keep their prices low for occupational therapy services. It also allows the therapist to work on skills needed and tailor fit the treatment plan without the burden of gaining insurance approval. Many insurances do not cover the types of services that are considered "developmental".

Can I use my out of network insurance benefits?

Building Skills OT can provide a super bill which may be used to seek out of network benefits from your insurance provider. Verifying benefits and requirements for billing will be the families responsibility. The state of Florida is a direct access state, Occupational Therapy services can be accessed without a doctor's referral, however some insurance carriers require a doctors referral to access/cover occupational therapy services.

I already have an occupational therapy evaluation? Do I need another to begin services?

Building Skills OT will review Occupational Therapy evaluations completed within the last 180 days, and and may be able to begin services. Should additional testing be needed, the therapist can discuss options with you.

What diagnoses does Building Skills OT treat?

Building Skills OT has experience in developmental delays, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and motor disorders. Treatments provided are developmentally and bio-mechanically based.  Although we can provided sensory and self regulation techniques in our motor room, we are not a true SI clinic. There are other community providers that we can refer to for more specialized sensory treatment.

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